Walking by Faith

How do you walk by faith?  How do you know it’s by faith that you are walking? 

We, my husband and I, are “pregnant” with a 6 yr old.  Sounds odd, I know, but it’s about the best way to describe our situation.  We are a family in need of a child, and there is a specific child in need of us just waiting for us to get ‘approved’.  We have to proove ourselves capable before the state will allow her to to live here.  The process is tedious, frustrating, and painfully slow.  We are at the complete mercy of people who don’t know us, a system that is confusing not only for us but for those who work in it, and God.  It is in God that I put my hope.  It is God in whom I have faith.  And I will continue to pray.  It’s what I can do. 


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