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I heard about an Ohio mom who left her 2 yr old in the family SUV all day while she went in to her job as a vice principal of a school.  The DA has decided he will not press charges against her since he belives this was an accident, and the circumstances don’t qualify it for prosecution.

The facts, as I know them, are this:

Mom stopped at the bakery to pick up doughnuts for her co-workers since it was too early to drop her daughter off at daycare.  She arrived at the school where she works to drop of the treats.  She backed the SUV up to the door, unloaded the doughnuts, walking past her sleeping toddler a half dozen times.  She then parked the car and went into work.  More than 8 hours later, co-workers called 911.  Neeless to say the child died.

During the interview, between sobs, mom said “I was trying to do everything for everyone, and I failed my daughter.”  She also said that the change in routine, and the fact that the child simply fell asleep caused her to forget the child was there.  This, however, was not the first time this mother left this child in the car.  As receint as 2 weeks ago, she left the child sleeping in the car. 

I know where my feelings are on this issue.  What about you?  What do you think about this?  Personally, I don’t agree with pressing charges against parents who leave their children unintentionally in the car.  But how is it determined that a child was forgotten unintentionally?  Isn’t a parent who ‘forgets’ their child putting their own needs before the needs of their children?  Part of me wonders how in the world anyone can forget that a child is in the car? Maybe I just don’t know what it’s like to be a parent with a hectic schedule….but what about the kids???


One thought on “Chime in on this

  1. lalo says:

    Well,as a mom, I think charges should be pressed to ANYONE that causes a child to die. My husband has 2 jobs,he works 16 hours a day but he manages to dedicate some time to our 2 year old.
    Me in the other side…i work from 8am to 5pm,I love my job, I care about my job sooomuch but my son is more important than anything,more important than my own life. I’d never miss work if I’m sick, but if my little monkey is sick, I would,NO DOUBT. There’s nobodu else to do my job if I’m gone but when it comes about my son, I really don’t care about my super job,friends,dog,etc
    firat God,then my son and then the rest

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