On Being a Princess

How many little girls dream of being a princess?  I can remember wishing I could be one.  They lived in fancy castles, with elaborate clothes and no worries.  They had all the things they wanted, and nothing that they didn’t want.  

We took our 6 yr old to see Disney On Ice: Princess Classics.  It was a wonderful show.  Disney has it down to a science.  All of the vendors were outifitted in Disney garb, with Disney smiles.  The merchandise was all Disney too, including the prices.  For our girl, it was like stepping out of reality and into Fairyland, where everyone was part of the Palace including her. 

And it didn’t end there.  The costumes were amazing; the colors, the styles, all straight out of the fairytales. And the show was simply spotless.  Not a single missed step, slip or wobbly spin.  The skaters were world class, although this clearly was not an olympic event; none of the spectacular jumps and spins that you would expect to see in competition.  These were princesses, and their respective princes.  There were evil stepmothers and even more evil queens of the underworld.  Poision apples, deadly pin pricks and selling your ‘soul’ to win your love.  And then there were the magical kisses to waken the ‘sleeping’ princesses.  The Prince Charming of each and every story came to the rescue and provided a sweet and perfect happily ever after.

Sometimes that fairytale ending does happen.  Sometimes, the little princess in each of us wakes up to find that she is in her palace, with her prince charming, and is living the happily ever after promised in those stories. 

How wonderful life is as a Princess.  Now that I know that I am one, I can see clearly my Prince, my palace, and all my wishes that have come true!


One thought on “On Being a Princess

  1. Mom says:

    It appears that Mary is truly a princess, as she is living now in a real palace, her own room is truly hers. She may not know it now, but she is truly a very lucky little girl, one that I am proud to call my granddaughter.

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