Happy 2008

Well, here it is.  2008.  The holidays are over, the new year has begun.  Time to take down the decorations, put the tree away and pull the house back into alignment with our schedule. 

My husband and I told our little girl that after the holidays we would start looking into perhaps adopting a brother for her.  I am anxious thinking about that, but at the same time I am convinced that it would be the right thing for her.  We have the space, and I think we have enough love to go around.

We took her to visit the foster family she was with before she came to live with us.  The children there were glad to see her, and she seemed genuinely glad to see them too.  They gave her a pair of baby dolls; one girl and one boy (twins!) and some clothes for them.  She has been a very good mommy so far with them, changing their clothes each day, and feeding them.  Of course, they have been left unattended for several hours each day but that is to be expected for baby dolls!  

On the morning of the scheduled visit with the foster family, I found myself feeling very uneasy about it.  While driving home from church, I kept having the thought that she would go to the other foster mother and tell her she wanted to live with them again.  I was feeling a little uncomfortable, as if I was exposing myself to some potential hurt and wanted to protect myself from it by avoiding the visit.  The thought was persistent, and just as I was struggling with it, God stepped in through the voice of a 6 year old girl singing “I belong to you, I belong to you”.  It was not a tune I recognized, I presume she made it up.  All I could do was  smile, and then I quietly thanked Jesus for providing me the comfort I needed in that moment.   God is amazing! 

The visit went very well.  While we were there, the reassurance I needed was clear.  She wanted permission for something and approached me with “Mommy, can I go upstairs?”  5 simple words that have rocked my world! 


Happy 2008 indeed!


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