We interrupt this broadcast for a commentary…

OK, so I am going to chime in on something.  I’m not sure if I am in the right frame of mind to do this or not, but quite frankly, at this moment that’s OK.

Recently our church, not our local congregation, but our entire denomination, has undergone some changes.  Some of those changes really are the work of God and some are not.  There is alot of ‘talk’ out in cyberworld about it and there are clearly a lot of hurting people out there.

We, our local church, heard a sermon that talked about “clearing the land” and that really seems to be the truth.  Some of that clearing hurts us, and some of it hurts others.  

I just read on someone else’s blog, (cechealing.wordpress.com) a comment that really bothers me.  One of the major changes for our denomination has been the retirement of one patriarch and the election of a new one.  There are some individuals who are so hurting still that even with the good news of a new patriarch they feel the need to be critical and cynical of the church leadership.  I don’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to heal, and if this individual were not a trained, educated, professional I would not even raise an eyebrow.  But, if I may be candid, this guy is/was in a position of counsel and pastoral care at one point in his career.  NOW, since things didn’t go HIS way in our denomination, he cannot stand the fact that we are moving on while he is still standing there, pouting, wishing he could play in our yard. 

Truth be told, he CAN play in our yard.  It’s not our yard!!  ALL have been forgiven…that much is true.  It is him, this individual, who cannot forgive.  If he could, he would know that what he is doing is as hurtful to those who remain in our church as what he suffered (or claims to have suffered) at the hands of the former leadership. True forgiveness comes from within, and effects change outwardly in actions, thoughts and words. 

He says he will continue to pray for those of us who remain.   I hope that at some point his eyes will open to the hypocrisy of that statement.  I wish for him the healing he seeks, the forgivness he craves and the ability to forgive that he needs.


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