On having a little fun

We went sledding today!  Last night we had a pretty significant snow fall, with snow measuring about 2-3 inches this morning.  The last snowfall we had left the entire state in a pretty sorry state of affairs, and so in an effort to avoid that all the schools were closed.  My guess is that looking back, administrators are probably not happy with the decision, but the deed was done.

So what do you do with a kid when they are home from school?  Well I learned really quick that it wasn’t going to be as simple as “Honey, mom needs to do some work so you need to go do something and be quiet.”  It was a constant influx of “Hey Lori, look at this” and “I’m bored” and “I just want someone to play this with me.” So, after a few hours of that I gave up.  I had done the critical work for the day and decided to go do something or I was going to snap.  So we had a lunch of chicken noodle soup and off we went to the best sledding place ever.

Not far from our house is an area of, for lack of a better way to describe it, sand.  Hills and hills of sand.  When there isn’t snow on the ground, you can pretty much always find someone there either 4-wheeling, dirt biking or hitting some golf balls around.  But let a couple inches of snow fall and the place is crawling with kids!  It’s a glorious sight!  Hundreds of kids and parents swarming the hill, cars lining the street and the sweet sound of children squealing as they fly down the hills on every conceivable type of sled. 

Since our first winter here, I have wanted to re-live my childhood and head over there for an afternoon of fun but always felt a little funny about that since I didn’t have a kid to take.  Well today I had the bravest 6 yr old girl in the world with me.   She had never been sledding, which in and of itself is a feat in New England.  So I expected a little hesitancy.  Boy was I wrong!  From the start she was sledding like a kid who had done it her whole life.  She went down front ways, backwards, head first on her belly, head first on her back, curled up like a ball and every other way she could think of!  She even asked me if she could go down on her belly without the sled so she could be a penguin!  It wasn’t long before she didn’t want that helpful push at the start, and then she wanted a bigger push.  She went down a time or two and then wanted to go on a steeper side, and then to even higher ground.  She was sledding down runs that were packed with teenage boys…while the girls her age were still on the sledding bunny hill.  I couldn’t have been more proud!  A girl after my own heart!  Hard to imagine that this is the same little girl who cries at the thought of not being able to wear a dress to school! (couldn’t have paid me enough to do that at her age!) 

What a joy it was to be with her today, and watch her in her pink snow pants, pink jacket, pink boots, pink hat and blue mittens go whizzing down the hill and then plugging back up to do it again.  She never cried when she wiped out, she never complained about having to climb back up the hill and admitted to me that it’s no fun when you have to leave!  It was the best day ever!


2 thoughts on “On having a little fun

  1. Sharon says:


    Sounds like you had the best “snow day” ever! Great to find your blog and I’m thrilled that you’re a Mommy. My prayers are with you.

  2. loriandrich says:

    Hey Sharon!

    Great to hear from you! Thanks for checking me out! Yes, we did have a great time!

    Thanks for the prayers…

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