Back from the dead…

abc_anne_rice_0803305_ms.jpg   I just found an interesting excerpt from Anne Rice’s new book.  You can read the excerpt on 

Anne Rice is the former atheist author of such books made movies as Interview with a Vampire.  She is now a born again Christian, and has immersed herself in writing about Christ.  This book, “Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana,” is her second Christian themed book. 

 I found the excerpt intriguing.  I’m interested enough to want to go and buy the book, and perhaps the first one she wrote as well.  I may be late on the scene for this one, but thought it worth mentioning. 

Birthday’s in June, so if anyone needs an idea for me…this would be it! 


One thought on “Back from the dead…

  1. klampert says:

    ha…mine is in june as well…she is a christian yes…from what I understand an odd one though…she is the kind that draws from many areas…
    I read interview with a vampire…brilliant book. I havent read her new stuff yet. I may though

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