Mommy is Happy too

Today was Mary’s 7th birthday.

We had Mary’s favorite dinner, homemade pizza, and then finished it off with chocolate cake iced in vanilla.

Mary opened the presents from family and friends who will not be able to attend her party tomorrow, played for a few minutes and then it was off to bed.

I had one special birthday card for her, and I chose bedtime to give it to her.  Just a simple birthday card that proved very difficult for me to choose.   

We said our prayers, sang “Happy Birthday” one more time, and then turned off the lights.

As I leaned over to kiss her goodnight, she reached up and started writing letters on my cheek.  I asked what she wrote, and she replied, “Mary is happy”.

My heart stopped.  All the agony of choosing that card; my unspoken/unrecognized fear of rejection, the thoughts that carried me back to birthday’s that never were, all vanished in that second.  I was stunned.  I wrote back,

“Mommy is happy too.” 


One thought on “Mommy is Happy too

  1. tam says:

    Usually my tear ducts don’t work before noon.

    you’ve managed to remedy that.


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