Reflections of a Birthday Party

Day of the party:

Rain comes and goes, soccer game is on. Wash the sliding glass door please! Vacuum, dust, pick up.  Honey, you have to tell me what your plan is because I can’t deal with mis-communication today!  Sweetie, PA-LEEEEse take your toys up to your room; I don’t care where you put them but they can’t stay in the kitchen!

Soccer game, kicked in the teeth (literally), tears, ice pack, Oh Lord why today? Kids do great, everyone has fun.  Back in the car, yes you need a shower and so do I so we have to hustle!

House looks fantastic thanks to him, decorations go up as he is off to get what? The cupcakes?  Why are you stressed?  90 min to party and still no cupcakes, no appetizers for the adults? Sun-room transformed into island paradise, minus of course the sand.

Children arrive, looking scared and meek.  7 yr old welcoming committee squeals each time a new guest arrives.  Balloons are blown up, pizza is in the oven, parents don’t seem to want to mingle, friends arrive and hugs begin.  Children looking frazzled and weary from steady play and laughter, limbo time! Everyone make a wish and tie it to a balloon…wait don’t let them goooo…too late.  Mommy can we do presents now?  Sure, why not.  Everyone back up and give her space!


Oh do you have to leave?  Here, take a cupcake– don’t forget the goody bag.  Cupcake crumbs in the carpet (smile) dogs finally get to go out, canine vacuum gotta love it, in-laws stay to help clean up and in less than an hour it’s done.  Time for bed kiddo, did you have a good day?  With a smile that could knock the socks off a statue, “Yeah, I did.”

Next morning:

Decorations still up, I think I’ll leave them for a day or two.  Sitting in a quiet house thinking, what a wonderful day that was!


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