My Flower

I said to God,
“I would love to marry a prince.”

God said,
“I will send a husband who will love you.”

I said to God,
“I would love to live in a palace.”

God said,
“I will provide for you a home.”

I said to God,
“I would love to have a garden.”

God said,
“I will give you a flower.”

I said to God,
“Why do you not give me what I ask for?”

God said,
“I have.  You are my child.  You are a princess.  You will live in my palace in heaven. ”

I said to God,
“But a garden, Lord, where I can worship you?  Why only a flower?”

God said,
“My child, the flower I have given you is the most beautiful flower I ever created.  Care for that flower, love that flower and it will become the garden.”

I said to God,
“What did I ever do to deserve the most beautiful flower you ever created?”

God said,
“You did nothing.  I gave it to you because I love you.” 

I said to God,
“Why do you love me so much?”

God said,
“I created you, and when I gave you to your mother, I told her you were the most beautiful flower I ever created.”



4 thoughts on “My Flower

  1. lori says:


    I was thinking about my wants, and how God has blessed me. Specifically, I was thinking about the fact that God has given me the precious gift of a little girl, a flower. I’d love more, I imagined my life with many. But this is what he has given me…and I can only imagine why he gave me the most beautiful flower he ever created.

  2. Janna says:

    wait! you wrote this! WOW JUST WOW! You are an amazing writer!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!! THIS inspires me maybe a picture I dont know but wow just wow….

  3. lori says:

    Janna…I want to see the picture!

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