Kind is something that you are…

“Kindness is not something that we do, it’s something that we are.” 
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  Author, “The Power of Intention”

I just heard this…not sure who this guy is, but the thought stuck in my head.  It’s the same with love.  It’s not something we feel, it’s something we do. 

How can we BE kind and not just ACT kind?  What does it take to be kind? 

Acts of kindness are good, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’m on board with this line of thinking.  I have recently experienced people being kind–to me.  People who don’t really even know me, just being there, and being kind.  This is more than a simple act of kindness, where you give a homeless preson a couple bucks for lunch, or step out of your comfort zone for someone else’s benefit.  I’m speaking of genuine, heart-felt kindness. 

I think I lack that. 


4 thoughts on “Kind is something that you are…

  1. tam says:

    uh. no. you do not lack kindness. at all. that’s not how i see you!

    i love this quote Lori. i think this is something Christians battle with and is a trap they fall into…”acting” kind. Acting period. Thinking they have to be something because they wear a label. That must grieve Gods heart. The sad thing is….where are we learning this from?

    yah – see. quote got me thinking. this could be dangerous!

  2. lori says:

    Ah–HA!!! Got you thinking! Love it!

    I have more to say…but it’ll have to time right now

  3. Liz says:

    You absolutely do not lack kindness. And it’s because it’s in you that you don’t see it…because it’s NOT just acts.

  4. That quote is right on! I so get it. It is the “not thought about” action – just who you are. Going about your day being you, other people see something but you don’t because it wasn’t thought about.

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