Journey to Family part 3

We were making progress on our end, but we still didn’t know when, or if Mary would be placed with us.

Ironically, after Mary was removed from her birth father’s care, he reconciled with Mary’s birth mother.  They didn’t appear in court the first time.  From then on, we never knew what to expect.  Our court appearances were stressful, since we were not sure how they would react to seeing us.  Some hostility had started to brew, and  we were not interested in a bloody battle.  Each time, however, everyone remained calm and we were able to get through it.

Spring turned into summer, and even though we knew through all of the state agency’s representatives that we were in fact going to be the next placement for Mary, we had no idea when that would happen.  Further, we hadn’t even seen her.  We knew from sources that her birth parents had visited once, but beyond that we didn’t know.  We worried about what kind of family she was with.  We wondered if she was dealing with things.  We prayed for an army of angels to surround her and protect her every single day–it was all we could do.

July, 2007
Finally, someone decided that if Mary was going to be placed with us, then it would be a good idea to meet her.  The meeting was scheduled on the day of a Foster Kids Day at a state park on the first of August.  It was the perfect set up; Mary would arrive with her foster family, and we would be introduced within their presence.  I loved the fact that it was a fairly secure (emotionally) way to be introduced, and since it was at this wonderful outdoor event, it would be a fun memory for her.

The day arrived, and we sat nervously in the car at the entrance to the park.  We were to meet the state case worker there, and go with her to meet Mary.  Of course we had no idea what Mary looked like.  We hadn’t seen her in quite some time.  As we walked with the case worker into the picnic area, I mentioned to her that we didn’t know what Mary looked like.  The case worker said she didn’t know either, but that she was confident we would find her.  We were walking just behind two women with about 6 children.  One of children, who was wearing blue shorts and tank as well as blue shoes, commented to one of the other children in the group, “I’m not a boy, I’m really a girl, my dad just cut my hair off”.   The case worker and I looked at each other, and smiled.  The next thing I heard put all my fears to rest.  One of the two women turned and said, “It’s ok, Mary, we love you no matter what!”  We had found Mary!


7 thoughts on “Journey to Family part 3

  1. Debbie says:

    Lori, I can not imagine the wave of emotions throughout this journey that you must have experienced. You write so well, I can picture the scene of you walking behind that precious little girl in the blue shorts and tank. Ok, waiting for Part 4. 🙂 Debb

  2. HW says:

    oh boy… I’m gonna cry!!!!

  3. Liz says:

    This journey is amazing — Thank you so much for sharing all of it with us!

  4. lori says:

    Thanks Debb…still working on 4!

    HW, I’m sorry..I forgot to add kleenex! I’ll see if I can get wordpress to do that…

    Liz, it has been amazing, but you know it’s so worth it! I am blessed to have such wonderful friends to help me through the tough and trying times!

  5. Janna says:

    awww!! its so ironic and awsome how she was right infront of you! Mary is just so cute!!

  6. Jessie says:

    Your writing style is so easy and enjoyable to read. I feel I am there. God is certainly blessing you! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your life. It’s already been a strength to me.

  7. lori says:

    Thanks, Jessie! Stay tuned for part 4! It’s in the works…

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