Lessons From Today

I heard something that made me think today.  I’ll share what I took away from it.

What I heard was a teaching on Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.  The first key point was this:  Jesus could have stood in front of her, with all her sin, and all her blemish, and represented himself to her as how she should be.  Jesus could be a wonderful example of the type of life we should all live.  Only trouble is, we will NEVER be able to be what He was.  There are many people who are examples in our world.  Michael Jordan is a great example of a basketball player, but I for one could never do what he does.  Think of any “A” list actor.  Can you do what they do? 

The point is that outside of Him, we cannot live the life He would like us to.  We simply cannot BE what He was.  But opening up to Him, having Him living within, THAT changes things.  No longer is He the example to emulate, but the lead in the dance.  I love that image of Jesus as the lead in the dance.  I imagine a waltz, or some other classic dance, where the man leads, gracefully allowing the woman to be the center of attention while at the same time directing every step she takes.  He doesn’t manipulate her, or cause her to mis-step.  He gently guides her around dance floor, supporting her when she needs support and allowing her to shine as she spins and twirls into and out of His arms.   Sure of foot, and always there to catch, He is the anchor in the dance.

Back to the woman at the well.  The second key point was this: He met her where she was.  He addressed the issue, the “thing” in her life.  After that, he brought her the message of hope.  It’s a lesson in evalgelisim.   Jesus speaks directly to her, to her issue, without judgement.  

There was something else that I heard later in the day, but I’ve forgotten now what it was!  Crime is that at the time, I thought ‘wow, this would be another great blog post!’  Oh well.  Some stick, others don’t.  Good thing there is always tomorrow!



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