Oh To Be a Kid in Summer!!

I miss summer.  I miss being able to play, and be carefree and even bored sometimes.  I miss bike rides to the community pool with friends, I miss frozen Charleston Chew bars, sand in my shoes, sweat in my eyes, and shivering after eating an ice cream cone on a warm summer evening. I miss summer camp, canoeing, camp fires and camp songs.  I miss the anticipation of summer travel and the joy of spending time away from home.  I miss The Beach Boys blasting from Aunties convertible, I miss fishing off the dock at Cape Porpoise.  I miss Grammy’s “grape-aid” at Swift River and floating over the rocks made smooth from the current.  I miss lobsters on the flag stone walk, tuna sandwiches and little bottles of ginger-ale on the beach.  I miss strawberry shortcake made with peaches just for me, and sitting in Grammy’s yard till way after dark.  I miss the smell of fresh shaved wood in the shop and the smell of the ocean and coastal vegetation as we walked to the cove.  I miss the feeling of coming home and sleeping in my own bed, and the sound of the crickets as I drifted off to sleep…

I can’t have those days back, but I’m learning to live fondly with the memories of them. 

I’m making new summer memories now.  Like these:

 Flying!!!Splash Landing!!


6 thoughts on “Oh To Be a Kid in Summer!!

  1. Mom says:

    Many of those memories are mine, also. You stated them beautifully.

  2. Jessie says:

    oh, you made my mind wander back, for sure…I don’t have coastal memories except being a small child in California, but we moved back home to Ohio when I was 6.
    I see different sights and smell different smells, but thanks for sending me back to a simpler time. I enjoyed it so much. You certainly have a gift for description.
    Love the pic of Mary and her pool.

  3. J May says:

    Hi! yeah, weird… those were GREAT days…. great days. THanks for the reminder. Maybe I should slow down and go to the park for a while…

  4. lori says:

    Hey thanks all, for the encouraging words!

    JMay, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love the work you’re doing.

  5. bradruggles says:

    That’s one of the best parts of summer! Inflatable pools…I love them. That and Slip-N-Slides. 🙂

  6. tam says:

    slip-n-slides are evil ruggles! i always sprained a toe or finger somehow on those!

    those are awesome memories Lori.

    makes me wanta be a kid again too.

    that’s it. i’m protesting!!!

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