Maryisims and other stuff

Mary is 7.  She still has some cute words.

When she first came to live here, she heard me telling Jingo very casually to put his hackles down.  I just kind of say it like…eh get over it!  Well, on another day, I heard her in the living room doing the same.  Only what she said was, “Jingo!  Put your freckles down!”

She gets tongue-tied a little sometimes.  Recently, she told me that S’Mores are too “Choclicky” for her.  This same week, we were discussing things, and I told her that, technically she …..  She responded that, infact, techlickly I…

When going to school and camp, there are things kids need to carry with them.  While everyone else has a backpack, she has a pack-pack.

We have nick-names for everyone.  Hers changes, but she hasn’t really changed what she calls the dogs.  She followed suit with us when it came to Spirit, who also goes by Toppy, or Topoliss (long story), or missy.  Patriot is just, well, Patriot…unless he’s Mr. Mr.  Then there is Jingo, who we sometimes call Jingo-bear, or at daycare he is Jingosaurous.  Mary, however, calls him Mr. Jingo Pants.

I love life with a 7 yr old!


8 thoughts on “Maryisims and other stuff

  1. Janna says:

    hehehe I love the Pack-Pack one! I like always used to say that. its cute!!!

  2. HW says:

    they are just too sweet, aren’t they? Awww…

  3. Mom says:

    you used to say some cute ones yourself: Bressific and beskettios were two of my favorites

  4. Debbie says:

    Cool, isn’t it? Children are just so awesome. After reading this post, you got me thinking….being with 25 four and five year olds for 6 and 1/2 hours a day….I should start writing all of their “isms” down and write a book. Better yet, I could pass them on to you….and you could write the book!! And I don’t know about you but each time I hear something like a “Maryism”…regardless of how it is used…I tend to chuckle inside a little!! Thanks for a great post!!

  5. lori says:

    Janna…yeah I love that one too!

    HW…do you have any kids?

    Mom…I’m blushing…

    Debbie…Yes! We should write that book!

  6. 🙂

  7. HW says:

    Lori, I have 4. I should be writing things down too.

  8. jessie says:

    i so enjoyed this one! Thank you.
    When my 2 boys were little & said these cute things, i would grab a piece of paper (sometimes a napkin or paper towel!) and scribble it down b/c I knew I’d never rem. it. I have a manila envelope stuffed with these sayings. I need to get it out (wherever it is!) and type them into a document…one that comes to mind is when my oldest (19 now) was prob. about 5 and had a bowl of strawberries w/ milk and sugar. He finished, looked into the bowl and said, “Mom! There’s whiskers in my bowl!” It was funny.
    I always thought that I’d just let their wives go through those sayings and type them out! I’m not the fastest person around…:D
    PLease share more as they occur!

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