On Friendship

I had a friend visit this past weekend.  She drove several hours in order to spend a few with me/us.

I’m so in awe of her courage and determination.  She had a rough start to her trip; her GPS sent her into an area she really didn’t want to go and it set her back a bit in terms of time.  But she pushed through and followed the guidance in spite of where she was.

I have seen her do that in other ways too.  Every time God sends her in a new direction, it’s a scary one.  He pushes her into places that she doesn’t want to go and for very good reasons.  But she follows His plan for her.  She is obedient to Him.  I have seen her wrestle with it, seen her struggle with the why’s and the what for’s, but every single time she takes the step into the unknown and comes out victorious.  She inspires me.

I’m so blessed to know her.  And even more blessed that she followed through and traveled to visit me.  I’m humbled to think that she chose to take a step into the unknown, yet again, and visit me even though we’ve only known each other a short time.

I want to be like her.  She is my hero.


2 thoughts on “On Friendship

  1. Debbie says:

    Your post touched my heart this morning. I have a friend like that also. I was able to spend the weekend with her. It was an amazing time. One of those times that you know will be in your heart and mind for the rest of your life. This was our first time actually meeting but I feel like we “knew” each other very well. I was also honored to meet her husband and her beautiful blue-eyed little girl. My daughter and I were truly blessed this weekend. We not only had fun together but we talked, we shared, we sat in quiet for a bit..we just spent time together and again, it will be a memory that I will hold on to for a lifetime. My friend is just awesome. And I know it’s just not her kindness and love in her eyes that I see…she has “Jesus eyes”. WOW! What a weekend it was…and I look forward to another weekend when we can get together to laugh and share again!

  2. Janna says:

    How sweet. Thank GOD for our Heros!

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