Don’t it Figure


Mary and I have both been to the doctor. It is suspected that what Mary has is viral. Her strep culture (the quick one) was negative but they are sending out the second ‘backup’ to be sure. The doctor did suggest Benedryl for congestion. Other than that she is good to go!

I am on antibiotic for an infection in my throat. The doctor also gave me a cough medicine with Codeine. I am assuming that my strep culture was also negative, since they never called me.

It’s still early, and there are a few days for us to get better before the big trip! Thanks for praying!!

Here we are days away from going to Disney World, and I’m sick!

I call the doctor to see if I can get in, and the only

appointment they have is at the exact same time that I have another appointment today!

I call to see if I can change the other appointment, and they don’t have anything that works!

This morning Mary informs me that she, too, has a sore throat!

The show ain’t over! We will not be defeated! This first family vacation is going to happen!

please pray…


4 thoughts on “Don’t it Figure

  1. Janna says:

    you WILL be going to disney!!! I am praying! FEEL BETTER

  2. Amy says:

    let us know if we can help at all! will be praying you all well!

  3. Mom says:

    Take both of yourselves to a walk in emergency care facility. You cannot put this off. Mom

  4. lori says:

    Thanks for the prayers!

    Amy I’ll be sure to let you know!!…wanna come pack for me?? hehehe

    Mom…iIm going to the dr tomorrow and if Mary still has a sore throat tonight I’ll see about getting her in to her dr. I suspect that for her it’s really just post nasal drip…she’s been dealing with that for some time now. We’ve discussed it with her dr…and not much we can do for her right now on that.

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