Did He Really Do That for Me?

I was just reading over at Darla’s and came across this question in a comment there:

Why would Christ die for me?

It seems that a lot of Christians ask this question. We look at ourselves and think, I’m so not worth it. I’m just a mere worthless soul. I asked that question once, and the response floored me. Here I am, just me. I’m a sinner. I’ve done some pretty bad stuff. In some ways, I’m a murderer. How much worse can you get? Why would God send his only son to die for me?

The answer is in another question: Why not? What makes me so special, so different, so outstanding that I am somehow exempt from His divine mercy and grace? Am I too good for God? What makes me different from the thief on the cross next to Jesus? To him, Jesus said, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” Am I so special, so different, so important that the grace and mercy of God isn’t enough for me? Who do I think I am?

I left that meeting feeling angry. I was annoyed at the man who said these things to me. I respected him. I looked up to him. I was hurt by his words. Over time I came to realize what he meant by them. Gradually I began to understand that his harshness towards me was a clear echo of Jesus…He was trying to reach me, trying to get me to let Him in and the only way He could do it was through some words that made me really think about the question I was asking.

Thanks, Ed, for giving me the nudge I needed and for being the voice of God that I needed to hear at that moment.


4 thoughts on “Did He Really Do That for Me?

  1. I am not sure i follow your “why not?” – i am confident that He died for me – I think it’s the whole cross thing that overwhelms me – I am not sure most comprehend what a sacrifice that was for God to give his son like that. He would have done that if I was the only human on this earth. I am an excited Christian! When I testify in a Wednesday night service or just simply share my faith, this boy is very up beat. I do not live my faith in the dumps. Grace is grace, no other word for it. As Toni Campolo said; “Worthless? never! unworthy yes, but not worthless!” i am not angry – we just needed to communicate better. Mama reminds me to do that better every once in awhile! lol

  2. lori says:

    Hey Papa thanks for the comment!

    So the why not is the answer…why would He die for me? why wouldn’t he? I’m no different than anyone else…so when i hear that question, it’ brings this whole thing to life for me again.

  3. darla says:

    thanks for the link love!

    He would and did..yea a little hard to grasp at times, I think because HIS love is so much better than ours, and I think we insult HIM (in a way) when we refuse to think that HE would for us…does that make sense..I think it is the same when we repeatedly ask forgiveness of something that we already brought to HIM..as if HE didn’t hear it, or as if we have that one sin that is beyond redemption…hahaha yea I thought about this one before… 🙂

  4. Sharon says:

    First – what a true blessing it was to spend time with you, Rich, and Mary today. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us. You’re a Mom – a wonderful, marvelous Mom to a beautiful little daughter – your daughter. Each time she called you Mommy, my heart simply danced. Music – it was music to listen to her call you and Rich “Mommy,” and “Daddy.”

    Had Ed known of your hurt and anger at his response to you, I know he would have sat with you, held your hand, and shared his own profound testimony with you. It isn’t mine to share, and this certainly isn’t the place to share it, but know that he understands God’s forgiveness and mercy in an incredible way. That’s the message God has given him to share, and he does it wherever he is – at home, at work, with friends, with family. Ed and I have been on an incredible journey together and we still have many miles to go. God leads us on – all of us. One of the greatest blessings on the journey is to meet, know, and spend time with precious wonders like you, Rich, and Mary. Again, thank you so much for spending your afternoon with us. It was a joy!

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