Homecation, sans Man

Well, my husband is off on a “Mancation” with some guys from church, Joel and Matt.  I thought I’d post a bit of life without the “big hand on the clock” of this house.

So we got up to go to church and he got up ahead and showered…that is of course a couple of hours after having gotten up to take the dogs out and feed them, and get coffee brewing for me.  So I roll myself out of bed, still tired, but knowing that i don’t need to shower since I had done it the night before.  I went and got Mary up who was also sleepy enough to sleep in!

So off we go to church, where there is no worship leader…he’s already on “Mancation” and now we have to figure out the tangle of cables, pedals and mics.  We sure missed our worship leader!  Then, during the worship set, I had NO sound from my guitar!!  NONE!  I kept signaling to Rich in back, but he was at a loss…everything was fine from his end.  During the peace, I went and checked, and sure enough someone else had tugged on the cables that we had finally figured out and pulled the cable from the direct box!  AHHH!!  Well, it was figured out now anyway.

Set went well, then moving on to the liturgy…I know Fr. Dave was glad I was there!  We did our usual stuff, and together we made it sound good!

So after church, Rich took over the kitchen duties for us both…I got caught up chatting (my bad!)  As we headed out, Joel called, and he and Rich confirmed the meeting time.  Pressure was on.  Long drive home, all the stuff needs to be done, and oopps…forgot to stop at pharmacy to pick up prescriptions!  A MUST do.

I helped Rich get his stuff together, made him a sandwich for lunch, then headed out to clean up my mess in the Envoy.  The guys were taking our SUV this time.  Mary helped me a bit washing dog nose prints off the glass, and then she ran off to eat her lunch.  Job done.  Envoy looks good.  And there is enough time for Rich to relax a little before heading off…

Shortly after he left, Mary and I changed into our bathing suits and headed to the lake for a late afternoon swim.  We had a grand time for about 2 hrs and then decided we should hit the road home and feed the dogs.  Along the way we stopped and picked up KFC…something new for her, and something not done with Rich since he is not a fan of it…and came home to feed 3 hungry dogs and 2 hungry girls!

Mary had dinner in her jammies…then off to bed by 7:45.  After saying her prayers, she looked at me with her head resting on her bed and said, “I’m pooped!”  I love the sound of that!

My evening was quite.  Only had to take the dogs out a couple of times.  Sat and watched TV for a bit and then off to bed.  (Well, there’s a little more to it but not really blog worthy.  Lets just say a much needed phone call to a friend that was really ‘helpful’.)

So here it is, day 1 (officially here) and I’m a little lost without that big hand on the clock.   He really does keep things moving around here.  And on that note, I must go…things to do….my day is just starting!!


6 thoughts on “Homecation, sans Man

  1. klampert says:

    Brilliant title…and man everything seems to unravel when I’m not there. That does make me feel good 🙂 I love this post. it is wicked cool.

  2. klampert says:

    Lucky you…Patriot didn’t ring the bell that much?
    So who is this friend…….Rich 🙂

  3. klampert says:

    Rich says…..”Matt is driving me nuts! He sleeps with a binky” 😦

  4. amester says:

    i can believe it-try living with him!

  5. amester says:

    hang in there lori!

  6. lori says:

    Hey thanks guys! Now stop reading my blog and get going!! Your on mancation!!

    Rich…Fr. David. Nuff said??

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