The Sin of Omission

I’m not going to preach here. But I need to speak this out.

Last Saturday morning, a good friend of mine died after a brief but valiant battle with cancer. I got to visit him a week before he died, and will cherish that time forever. I got to see his blue eyes sparkle when he spoke of his hopefulness of the future. I saw the pain when he spoke of the impending future. But what I didn’t see, or hear, was his faith in God, his trust in Jesus.

When I spoke to his wife two days before he died, she said that he believed “in his own way.” My heart sank. I knew that I had missed the opportunity God granted me to share with my dear friend the truth about Jesus; about the redeeming power of the cross, about the mercy and grace available to all who call on Him. I would never again have the chance to tell him myself the work that Jesus did in my life.

For the last several years, I had also avoided meeting him and his wife for dinner. Why? Because he loved going to casinos. I hated going to casinos. It’s not a moral issue, or a holier than thou issue. But the last time I walked into a casino, all I could feel, from the innermost part of my being, was that I needed to get out. And so when he would call, and present the invitation, I would always have something else going on that made it impossible to go. Not only did I not tell my friend about Jesus, I never allowed Jesus to shine through me so that my friend could see it.

I have, for the last few days, struggled with this. I committed the sin of omission. My heart was broken, yet again, by my own actions. Jesus has, yet again, put the pieces back together. I have been forgiven.

I post this not to proclaim His mercy, His forgiveness, (however, that is what I am doing) but to say to anyone who has the opportunity to share with a friend the power of Jesus, do it. There is no tomorrow.

Cliché, I know, but oh how it hurts when the day passes.


6 thoughts on “The Sin of Omission

  1. Anita says:

    Hi Lori,

    It’s me Anita, your friend’s friend from the group. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. I have been keeping you in prayer for God’s peace and comfort. These thoughts you posted are very powerful and it’s something I too think about. Thank you for reminding me of the sin of omission, especially when speaking of Jesus to an unsaved loved one..or should I say not speaking of Jesus. I’m rejoice in the forgiveness you have in Christ and for your genuine faith.

    May the Lord continually lift you up and bless you with His mighty right hand.

  2. tam says:

    the whole time reading through this i kept thinking about my mother. she is not a believer. she lives in MO and i have not been able to get a hold of her for almost a month now. i cant get a hold of anyone in my family. obviously im worried about her – but im more concerned with her eternity. she respects where i stand with God but we have never once had a talk about Him. not once. why? why havent i? why wouldnt i? and now…now i cant get a hold of her.

    yes…today is the only day promised to us. and to add to your perfect post, i would always make sure to tell those we love “i love you” at each opportunity we get.

    i love you lori!

  3. lori says:

    Anita, thank you for stopping by and thank you for your prayers of comfort. It’s nice to know they are there!

    Tam, I love you too!! As for family and the “why? why haven’t i? why wouldn’t I? ” well, you know they are the most difficult to speak to when it comes to maters of the heart, and matters of the cross. I will pray that you and your mom connect soon in order that you will know she is ok.
    Know that you are not alone when it comes to this subject. Might I be so bold as to suggest a letter? That’s what I’m going to do….and I’m going to send it to Eddie’s wife.

  4. Mom says:

    Lori, the moments that have passed are lost moments in time. I know your intentions for Eddie were well-meaning. But if he spent his life not believing, it is quite possible that you couldn’t have changed that. The most (important) that you can do for him now is pray for him. It is so important to not lose touch with those you love but are too busy to bother with, that you make the time. Love, Mom

  5. jessie says:

    I am so very sorry about the loss of your friend.
    Yes, I have also thought about this many times. How true that we are to be light and salt–and yet, we fail. But He loves us anyway. How amazing!
    You’re in my prayers. These lessons are lessons we (I’m speaking of ME) have to learn over and over again, it seems. But eventually, they stick. Then He will shine His light of truth into another area of our lives that needs Him. As a parent, looking at myself as His child, I know I sure wouldn’t have that much patience with me! I hope it makes me a little more compassionate…

  6. tam says:

    you know. a letter is a great idea lori! and yes…you may always be as bold as youd like with me.

    btw – my mom finally called. she is fine. we had a pleasant conversation. even about God – not as He pertains to her, but what He is doing in our lives here as a family. she was pretty moved. it was a great moment.

    i love you friend!

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