Pigtails or Ponytails ?

Ok, so today was a new day in hairstyles for us.  Mary’s hair is long enough for ponytails, or is it pigtails?

All this time I thought that pigtails are one, or two gathers of hair that are braided, resembling a pig’s tail and that ponytails are one or two gathers of hair that are NOT braided.  Now, I’m not sure.  Does it matter?

Anyway, check this out!


6 thoughts on “Pigtails or Ponytails ?

  1. Debbie says:

    Look at that face!! What a girl!! I think a ponytale is when all hair is pulled back together…and pigtales means the hair is split…some on either side…two pigtales vs. one ponytale. But I am NO expert so will be interesting to see how others respond! -Debbie

  2. jessie says:

    so adorable!

  3. blessed1 says:

    This is so cute. Love the pigtails!

  4. klampert says:

    I agree with debbie 🙂

  5. lori says:

    Ahh, yes, you with all that hair Joel! Oh, and your 3 lovely daughters, too, along with your sister…you would be an expert here wouldn’t you…oh wait…you have 3 sons, and a brother. Opps…my bad! (Love messin with ya! 🙂 🙂 )

    Unless…you are in agreement with her regarding NOT being an expert? Is that what you meant?

  6. amester says:

    we call them ponies in our house (one or two) and clips or barrettes are called pretties. Then again, we say a lot of strange things around here 🙂
    She looks adorable-regardless of what you call them!

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