I feel so disconnected lately.  I’m terribly busy at work, which is good and bad, and I’m terribly busy with life….you know, the kind of stuff that just gets to you.

I’m feeling like I’ve missed the boat.  I don’t know when…

I know people are reading this…sort of.  I’m reading others, but I feel like all of a sudden life is going on around me and I’m watching the show from the sidelines.

What do I do?


4 thoughts on “Di-scon-ne-ct

  1. HW says:

    I read your blog faithfully. 🙂 I feel like that at times too. It comes and goes. Hang in there….


  2. Janna says:

    When you find out what to do let me in on the secret!

  3. suzanne says:

    it’s normal-when we are busy it seems that way and sometimes it is that way. It’s easy to miss things when we are busy. what i do when i start to feel “TOO” busy is to just decide what has to stay and what can go. it works for me. love you hunny and praying for you

  4. tam says:

    yah. uh-huh. me too!

    it has been non stop for me. and it seems like it has gone on for so long now.

    i was just think this week how i, too, feel so detached from others…like you. makes me sad. i know its a season, i just want it to end.

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