Tomorrow I’m having my 14th surgery.  yay. (note the hint of sarcasim there?)  Here’s the rundown as I remember:

  1. 1 on my right knee for torn meniscus
  2. 2 on my right ankle for torn ligament
  3. 2 on my left foot for a bone spur and a neuroma
  4. 4 on my left knee for torn meniscus
  5. 1 on my left shoulder for impingement syndrome
  6. 1 on my right shoulder for impingement syndrome
  7. 1 on my right wrist for a torn cartilage and a lot of “junk” (yep, real medical term…right from the dr.)
  8. 1 abdominal for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Tomorrow’s surgery will be number 5 on my left knee.  I’ve got a torn meniscus yet again.  They can’t really “fix” it.  All they can do is go in and remove the part that’s torn and send me on my way.  This time, however, there is a chance that he will do something a little different, called a Micro-fracture procedure.  That’s where he will drill a series of very small holes in the bone to allow for bone marrow and stem cells to coat the end of the bone, possibly gaining me a little more time before I have to have this done again.  It’s inevitable it will happen again.  I have a torn ACL in that knee that was never repaired and it can’t be repaired now because it’s been so long (the original injury was 17 years ago).   It just means that my knee is a bit unstable, making me susceptable to this kind of thing.

Yes, I’m nervous.  I know what to expect, and that doesn’t make it easier.  So, if you think of it tomorrow, say a little prayer for me?  Please?


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