Ok, now I will speak

I have kept (or tried to keep) the top on my comment can because I know that I can come off sounding opinionated.  But I’m going to speak here, and express my thoughts on the election.

I’m not thrilled.  I’m pleased that our country has seen past the color of skin, however I’m not sure this was the right choice for our country right now.  Yes, change is needed.  But not like this.

A few things that bother me about Obama’s policies:

He supports stem cell research.
He supports abortion.
He supports same sex marriage.
He wants to ‘spread the wealth’, meaning higher, disproportionate taxes.

Obama is an eloquant speaker.  He is a very intelligent man.  He is well educated; a graduate of the school of hard knocks.

I don’t know what he knows.  I know I don’t know more than him and I’m not going to profess knowledge of how the world works.  But I do know that in my heart, he is not the man for the job right now.  I believe him to be naive, and to have a view of the world and change that is through the lens of bigotry and hatred and discrimination.  I believe that he honestly wants to see change in America, but I also believe that he is naive to think that the general population of America is ready for the change as he sees it.

I pray for our country.  Not that I think we are doomed, but that this man FORCES change causes us to overcome the race issues that have plagued us for so long.  I pray for the cabinet he will appoint.  I pray that the Lord lead him to surround himself with people who will hear the will of God and make desicions based on that, and not on who will profit.

Above all, I seek to remember that God is in control; That He will lead, and when He moves, I move in the direction He wants for me.  I respect the individuals that He puts in place to lead the country that I live in.


2 thoughts on “Ok, now I will speak

  1. poeticgrin says:

    President Elect Obama does not support gay marriage.

  2. lori says:

    poeticgrin thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I suppose gay marriage wouldn’t be the correct term, however Mr. Obama does support “civil unions that provide all the benefits that are available for a legally sanctioned marriage”

    That, to me, equals gay marriage. See for yourself:

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