Shark Attack

I went to BJ’s today to get a few things.  I bought some soap, shampoo, toothpaste-you know the normal stuff.  I also bought one of these:


It’s a steam mop.  I hate cleaning floors, but I also detest dirty ones.  There’s my problem.  Now, when we chose the flooring for our house, it was after experiencing the WORST ever year regarding floors.  We were living in a house with light colored Berber carpet in the ONLY room with access to the back yard.  Of course the dogs made short work of tearing up what little grass there was, and consequently, I was left with muddy nasty floors all the time.  My kitchen floor was a white linoleum with blue accent…but 12 paws made sure it was brown too.

I tried everything.  Floor mate, Swiffer, mop and buket.  Nothing, and I mean nothing worked to keep those floors clean.  So when it came time to purchase flooring for our new house, I chose a tile that has a stone look to it, masking some of the dirt so that I could stop being so anal about cleaning the floor.  The only problem is that now I don’t see the dirt.  So I don’t clean as often as I should as evidenced by our socks!

I’m just going to say that for me, this tool does the trick.  It requires NO chemicals.  It works on steam.  The steam really loosens the dirt, and the pads are thick enough to pick it all up and hold it.  I’ve only used it once so far but I’m happy with the results.  I know my floors are dirty.  I’m going to have to do this a couple times before they are really where I’d like them to be, but I’m well on my way.  Oh, and did I mention that the floor is pretty much dry right away?  There is no drying time for this thing.  Unlike the floor mate, which is supposed to wet vac up the dirty cleaning solution…but doesn’t work so well on tile due to the topography and lack of suction power.

Any way with all the talk of going green, I think this is one fantastic product.  I know there are other brands out there, and honestly I didn’t do a lot of research before buying.  I spent under $100 for it, and so far, it earns an A from me.


6 thoughts on “Shark Attack

  1. HW says:

    Oh, I love my shark steamer. And my shark vacuum that gets under the kitchen floors without moving everything.

  2. Sharon says:

    GREAT cleaning tool! I purchased mine when my knees finally let me know that I was too old to scrub floors on all fours with bucket and brush. It’s great on tile, linoleum, and hardwood floors. When done, the pad can simply be tossed into the washing machine (line dried only, however, but that’s certainly easy enough). For those of us who may be somewhat anal with regard to cleaning, if your cable service includes BBC America – have you seen “How Clean is Your House?” It will send you screaming for your Sharp Steam Cleaner in a hurry! I’ve also begun watching BBC’s “You Are What You Eat.” If anything has inspired this compulsive overeater to look at food differently, that show has!

  3. huh.
    That’s a kinda cool invention. I try to use hot water when mopping, but still it doesn’t quite work as well as I’d like.

  4. tam says:

    my mom never owned a mop. she always told me it was a lazy way to clean floors. but she never cleaned the floors. I DID!!!

    i, now, own a mop.

  5. lori says:

    HW: Never tried the shark vacuum…I have the Dyson Animal.

    Sharon: I refuse to believe…let me repeat…REFUSE to believe you are a compulsive overeater…nope. neeeeverrrr.

    Mandy: Go get one! It’s great!!

    Tam: You too…go get one of these and ditch that dirty old mop!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Well, I just tore up the carpeting in my living room. The tile floor beneath is horrible. Came right to your blog to see what the heck machine you wrote about a while back that was suppose to be good….cause I am on my way to the store to purchase one immediately!! Can’t even think of getting on my hands and knees to clean that tile floor. Back is killing me from tearing up the carpet….and I hate waiting for a floor to dry!!

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