Here it is…the first snow day of the school year!!  Woo HOO…..but…wait…there’s no snow!!!

So, here is a recap for those of you who are NOT from Rhode Island:

December 13, 2007
From the Providence Journal:
“Oh, the weather outside was frightful on Dec. 13, 2007.

“But not as frightful as the lackadaisical response by city and state officials, as some people see it, when a modest snowstorm caused widespread traffic gridlock in the Providence metropolitan area in the afternoon and evening and stranded hundreds of young schoolchildren on buses for many hours.

“As an investigative commission put it, “near anarchy reigned in the city’s streets,” with motorists angrily confronting one another and at least 68 bus, car and truck accidents reported. While all this was going on, key officials went home or tended to other business, apparently oblivious to how matters had gotten out of hand.

“The last nine Providence schoolchildren to have been stranded — at the school bus yard — were not taken home by the police until 11:20 p.m., according to the commission.”

Now, the local weather forecast for Friday, December 19, 2008 is:


Yep, 8-12 inches predicted.  Not supposed to start until after noon time.  Now, notice that the word “Heaviest” appears at the state line between Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Why, you ask, do I point that out?  Because all the schools in that area are open.  They are calling for early dismissal.  But not here.  Not where the “December Debacle” happened in Rhode Island.  Our kids get to have to stay home.  I’m not really in favor of this.  As a working  mom and as a mom, I’m not in favor of kids staying home when there is a moderate storm.  Yes, I understand the safety risks, however I think we have become to protective.  I would have been ok with my daughter going to school until noon today.  Really.  I would have.  THIS IS NEW ENGLAND FOLKS.  NOT LIKE IT’S NEVER SNOWED HERE BEFORE!!!

Instead, we will finish off some Christmas and Birthday (it’s hubby’s birthday today!!  Happy Birthday hun!!)  shopping, come home and wrap, bake cookies and birthday cake and have a good time.  She’ll be bugging me all the while to go sledding which of course I want to do, but have to tread lightly as my knee is still not up to snuff.

Anyway, check back later and see if I’ve posted some pics.  Should be fun today….if I can get some sleep now!!


2 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!!!

  1. amester says:

    I love that you used december debacle as a tag-a true rhode islander! You would think though that it never snows here the way that people act when it really does.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Rich!

  2. lori says:

    Hey Amy….amazing isn’t it? Driving home from church today was a trip! NO SAND anywhere on the roadways!!! The ocean state can’t spare a little sand for the safety of it’s residents? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Not only is the general population of the state just clueless as to how to deal with snow, but the media! Holy cow!! Guess there isn’t any mob related news to discuss, so the weather is it! Oh wait…if it’s all over the news, then everyone is already aware of the weather. (love the weather men who say, “Currently, it’s snowing” …uh, no kidding. I looked out my window and they pay you how much?)

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