Welcome to the world, little one…

Welcome to the world, Jesus.  Your introduction to us was, at best, horrible.  You, our savior, our messiah, born to a virgin in a stable.  Welcome to the world.  Your coming was foretold for so long by so many.  Your mere presence sent waves of shock into the hearts of those who refused to believe so that those in power ordered you to die before you ever spoke your first word.  Welcome to the world.  Your messenger, a star.  A star of hope, a glimmer of peace and joy.  Leading those who would believe right to you, so tiny, so fragile.  Welcome to the world.  Your mother so young, and yet so brave as to accept you at any cost.  Little did she know what would become of you; how you would be despised and hated, beaten, killed. Welcome to the world.

We need you.  We need you now like we needed you then.  You redeem, you forgive:  Again, and again and again.  We need a savior to bring us back to the Father who loves us.  We need your mercy, your compassoin, your love.

Your birth, your life, your death all for the purpose of saving us from us.

Welcome to the world, little one.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the world, little one…

  1. tam says:

    merry Christmas friend!

    love you!

  2. darla says:

    Merry Christmas!!!! love ya!

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