On loosing a loved one

I lost a friend to cancer over the summer.  Joel lost an internet friend recently to cancer.  Another friend of mine just lost her grandfather.

Grief is one of those things that I am not all that familiar with.  There have been 3 significant people in my life enter heaven in the last few years; my Grandmother, my uncle, and my friend, Eddie.  My Grandmother passed away just before I gave myself to Jesus, my uncle and Eddie died after.

Coming to know Jesus has dramatically changed how I view death.  And it’s also dramatically changed how I view living.

Jesus suffered the loss of his good friend as well.  He wept at his passing.  He was also deeply moved at the grief that others were expressing.  He was human. He wept. (John 11:33-36)

I’m thinking that if he didn’t raise his friend from death at that point, then he would have come to the same realizations:  grieving, weeping, passing through anger, sorrow and depression are all part of the mourning and grieving process.  That tears express the love we had for the one who died.  And that the love we have for the one who died didn’t die with that person.  It never goes.  It never fades.  It becomes something different, something that will never change, something treasured.

I pray for my friends who are grieving their losses right now.  I grieve with them, but in a different way.  I grieve for their sorrow, wishing that in some small way I could make it better.


2 thoughts on “On loosing a loved one

  1. Debbie says:

    Well, it’s been a long day. I just got home from burying my grandpa….the man of my life. My father and my ex-husband both treated me rotten. But I always had my grandpa to look to as a man who cared…who loved me…who was there for me…especially as I have raised my 14 year old as a single mom.
    I spoke at the funeral. Most of my family did not want me to as I might cry. Well, cry I did…and before I even spoke.
    I almost did not speak as I knew my family’s feelings. But oh how glad I am.
    I am not familiar much with the grief process but I am learning more and more about it.
    Thanks to support from friends…I think I will make it…won’t be easy…but I think I will make it.
    My tears were all for the one I let go of today! I hope this love for my grandpa will never fade as you say, Lori. I have a locket around my neck with Grandpa’s picutre in it…I will never forget the love he showed me!

  2. jason kenny says:

    Have a barbeque with plenty of fosters
    It works for me

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