So, I’ve been sick the last few days…the flu.  Sleeping on the couch so that hubby can sleep well.  Which means I’ve been seeing some really late night…or is it early morning?…TV. Last night, (this morning?) I watched a program about the Mormons.  The only part I really saw was their trek across the country.

It was a documentary, so there was commentary from different sources woven through out.  One woman was the great great granddaughter of a single mother who made the journey.  This single mother was an imigrant, and she walked the 1000 miles with her 3 children after making her own pull-cart.  She burried her son along the way, and once the journey was complete she didn’t walk for a year.  When later asked if she had any regrets, she said no, none.  Ever.  She never doubted.  Not even for a moment.  The g-g granddaughter commented that she didn’t think she would ever have that kind of certainty.  She went on to say that this is the reason she does not subscribe to the Mormon faith.  She said she still has faith, but it’s not based in certainty, it’s based in uncertainty.

That really made me think.  If my faith is based on certainty, is it really faith?  If it’s based on uncertainty, where is the faith?


One thought on “Certainty

  1. darla says:

    this is rather intense! 🙂 I don’t know how to answer that question…I will come back to read how others answer it..or I just think on it all day.. 😆 thanks Lori! (hope you are feeling better soon!)

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