Growing up just outside of Chicago meant walking to school in all kinds of weather.  Our winters never produced much snow, contrary to popular belief, but it sure was cold!

We would be bundled up in sweaters, snow pants, jackets, hats, scarves and mittens.  And who could forget the bread bags over shoes to put the boots on!!  Then, as we ventured out into the cold, cheeks would freeze, noses and eyes would run and fingers and toes quickly felt as if they would break off like icicles.pict04591

We didn’t live far from the schools, which meant we had to walk to school.  And we walked home–for lunch– and back again.  There were days it felt like torture.  Especially in the morning.  But, we survived.  And we didn’t get sick because of it, and we didn’t get frost bite, and we didn’t really suffer.

This morning, I sent my little girl out in sweater, snow pants, jacket, hat, scarf and mittens.  Of course the days of bread bags and over shoe boots are gone, but on went the boots and backpack and off she went.  All that was visable were her bright blue eyes.  She got just down the walk way in front of the house, turned around and asked if she could wait in the neighbors car because she was so cold!!  (The bus stop is literally right in front of our house!)  I said no.  Am I a bad mom?


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