Inauguration Observations

I watched the inauguration of Barak Obama yesterday with the rest of the world.  Here are a few of my own observations:

  • I waited to see the sermon presented by T.D. Jakes at the church service in the morning, but was disappointed to see that it wasn’t televised.
  • Most of the interviewers and people interviewed (on the network I watched) were a race other than white, or caucasian. (Maybe it’s about time?)
  • The word “worship” was used very liberally to describe the practice of attending a church service on a weekly basis. (I found this most interesting.)
  • The actual swearing in was a little botched up…love the human side of things!
  • The raw emotion of many of the observers was very moving.
  • Rick Warren’s prayer was very cool.

That’s about it.  The whole thing really stirred up conversation in our house last night.  Mary now cannot decide on a career path; a teacher, a policewoman, a fire fighter, president of the united states…so many choices.  I kissed her good night and said she could be anything she wanted to be.  She smiled and said “night, Mommy!”

That’s what it’s all about folks.  That’s what all the hype is about.  Being able to tell your kids, no matter what color, gender, or race they are that in THIS country, they can be anything they want….


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