God in Corduroy

There is a children’s book titled simply “Corduroy”.  My duaghter just finished reading it.  It’s a sweet story about a little teddy bear in a department store who just wants to be loved.  Much to his dismay, he learns that  corduroy he is missing a button on the shoulder strap of his green corduroy overalls.  So he goes looking for it.  He doesn’t find it but he does find the perfect little girl to bring him home and love him.

So here’s what I heard:

The bear is lonely, looking for love.  Among all the bears and other stuffed animals in the toy department, all he wants is someone to love him for who and what he is.  I have felt this way.  I have before felt alone in a crowded room.  But with God, there is never alone time…He never leaves.

The bear is imperfect.  When the girl first sees him, her mother thinks he isn’t new because he’s missing the button.  The girl only see’s the perfect bear.  Especially when pointed out, I focus on my flaws.  I don’t see beyond them.

The bear goes looking for the missing button on his own.  I’ve tried to fix myself on my own before and all I ever ended up with is a bigger mess.

The bear is found by the girl the next day, brought home, had his button replaced, and lived evermore in the comfort of the little girls room…a home of his own and someone to love him.

Isn’t that exactly what God has done for us?  He found us when we were looking for something else, fixed us up, loved us and gave us a home forever more with someone to love us unconditionally.

Cool book!


4 thoughts on “God in Corduroy

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow! I read that book every year to my Kindergarten class…sometimes more than once a year as some classes decide it’s a favorite. And I have read it many times when my daughter was younger…but I am not sure I will ever “read” it the same way again. I just wish that God didn’t see my flaws and that he would “fix” me up…I am trying to “fix” me up but maybe…just maybe I need to accept that I need not only the help of friends but of God? I can’t give it all up…it’s too scarey for me. Debbie

  2. klampert says:

    nice alagory there…and that book is one of our favorites

  3. lori says:

    Oh Debbie! ((hugs)) God doesn’t see your flaws, all he sees is the perfect Debbie. If you’ll let Him, he’ll take you, fix you up (without the help of friends, I might add, cuz he’s just that good) and provide you with the unconditional love that only He is capable of.

    Corduroy got himself into a pickle trying to fix him self up and made a bigger mess, remember? The lamp that falls over? We can’t do it on our own, and God knows that! You can only fix what’s broken with His help…

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