Am I missing something?

I’m sitting here with the TV on and randomly stopped on the Bio channel.  I’m watching the bio of  Chris Farley, and as I’m watching, I’m thinking, this guy isn’t funny at all…he’s just obnoxious.  And always sweaty.  Ewww.


Seriously.  I don’t find him funny in the least.  And with the narrative, I’m actually thinking, this poor guy is pathetic.  He was alone.  He was addicted.  His entire life was spent trying to make people like him because of his own insecurity.  They keep mentioning how successful he was because so many people liked him.  But did they?  It just seems like so many were laughing AT him, feeding the insecurity.

During his youth  he prayed.  A lot.  He would constantly return to confess and repent….but he never did.  Without that relationship with Jesus, he simply went around and around and around until he finally gave up and succumbed to his stardom, alcohol, drugs, and eventually his death.  He died alone.  Alone.

They say he was gifted.  I think he was lonely and missing God.  Yes, he went to church.  Yes, he prayed.  Maybe he did all the right things.  But he was missing the point.  I often think that this is true of many of the same type of comedic actors; Jack Black, John Belushi, David Spade.  You know the type…the class clown.

What am I missing?   What is it that everyone else sees in these guys that I don’t?


One thought on “Am I missing something?

  1. klampert says:

    it’s really just personal preference…

    I love farley and black and belushi…funny stuff

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