God’s Little Reminders

Every once in a while, God sends me a little reminder.  He just did it again.

The whole family is home after being apart the whole day.  All of a sudden, I take a nose dive:

-Questions are non-stop, and I do mean NON-STOP.
-Hubby comes home and the roof blows off the house.
-Dinner can’t be made cuz I forgot to take the chops out of the freezer (after someone put them in there before I had a chance to tell them not to)
-There is stuff evvvv-errrrrr-eeeeee-where.

Hubby tries his best to defuse the situation by announcing he needs a hug.  I bark back that I don’t have one to give.  Then it happens.  God’s little reminder.  I go sit down in my chair, followed shortly by a little messenger about 4 feet tall.  She hands me a small dry-erase board on which she has written:

“Why can’t you be happy?  I want a hug, Daddy wants a hug. Why?  Come on!  Be happy!”

Then, a couple minutes later she returns with a new message, complete with musical notes drawn in, “put a little love in your heart”….How does she know that song?  How?

The message is clear.  I need a little love in my heart…I haven’t gone to Him today to fill me so that I can pour it all out on them.  I need a little love in my heart.  A message from God from one of His most beautiful messengers.


3 thoughts on “God’s Little Reminders

  1. Our Lord is quite creative in the messages He sends to us isn’t He? Unique and special to each of us.

  2. tam says:

    chills from head to toes.

    i love Mary. she has one of the most perceptive, sensitive spirits for a child her age. i love how she lets God move through her like that.

    lori – i want you to know too…you are a good mama. and you are human. we all have those moments.

    God is so sweet to speak to you through your girl.


  3. lori says:

    I’m humbled each and every time I see God move through this little girl. I want to help her to preserve that….to maintain the ability to be sensitive to God when He wants to move her.

    I took the message to heart that evening, and I hugged my daughter, and I hugged my husband, and I thanked my God for reminding me of all that He has provided for me in my life.

    Tam, thanks! I needed to hear that!

    HisLifeformine, Yes, His messages are tailored for us…unique and meaningful

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