So we’re sitting at dinner and the general topic of conversation is the economy.  We’re discussing current events, and Mary pipes up:

Mary:  “Um, Mommy?”

Me:  “Mmm hmm?”

Mary:  “Welp, um, how do babies get inside to grow?”  (rubbing her hand on her belly)

Me:  *cough, suptter, choke “Hmm.  Have you been talking about babies at school?”

Mary:  “No.  It just popped into my head.”

Me:  “Oh.  Well, one part comes from the mommy, and one part comes from the daddy, and they put them together and the baby starts to grow.” (hoping hubby would change the subject and that this would be enough…)

Mary:  “Oh.  Well, what are the parts?”

Me:  “Well, the mommy has whats called and egg, and the daddy has what’s called the sperm.”

Mary:  “Sperd?”

Me:  “No, sperm.”  (Oh Lord, why do I have to say it again?)

Mary:  “Oh, sperm.  Well, where is the sperm in the daddy?”

Me:  “It’s in the daddy’s body.”  (starting to sweat a little here)

Mary:  “Where is the egg in the mommy?”

Me:  “It’s in the mommy’s body.” (Oh Lord, please let this be the last question!)

Mary:  “Oh.”

Daddy:  “So I was listening to this economist today and….”



7 thoughts on “Blindsided

  1. HW says:

    Hahahaha! I remember that question from my first son too. 🙂 Fun times… LOL

  2. Debbie says:

    I AM CRACKING UP!! I LOVE IT! But you will have to warn Rich next time to pipe up a little sooner!! HEHEHE!!

  3. WOW!!!

    I was watching a movie with a friend and her little girl this weekend – the movie had a moment in a guy’s bathroom with urinals. The daughter: “mama? what are those men doing?”

    Oh that was a fun moment!

    • lori says:

      We haven’t experienced the bathroom scene yet…at least not that I know of anyway. I’m bracing myself for those kinds of questions…Oh Lord help!!

  4. bajanpoet says:

    Just came over from Tam’s blog! All I can say is: LMAO!!!! ROFL! LOL!

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