The “Why”

“If God can do miracles, why can’t He make me a Mermaid or a Fairy?”

“If God can make people better, why doesn’t He?”

“If God can see what’s in my heart, then why do I have to pray to Him and tell Him?”

“Why don’t all people believe like we do?”

“Why doesn’t God just answer?”

These are just a few of the questions I have been fielding from my daughter in the last few months.  Her eyes are just starting to see, and her heart is just starting to feel.  Sometimes, she is so tender that I worry if I answer a question honestly, it will break her heart.  The truth is, I don’t have complete answers to these questions, and I have some of the same questions.  Only mine are a little deeper.

I found myself in the library last week, looking at a book that was making a case against God and religion.  I don’t know why I allowed myself to continue to read, but I did…for about 15 min.  For the rest of that evening, and residually for the next couple of days something in me just didn’t feel right.  pict0668

Then, yesterday, I was on my way to go do some work at the new church and was thinking about the fact that it was Holy Thursday; the day Jesus was arrested.  My heart got heavy and I started to cry.  Not weeping crying, just crying.  I thought about my sins, and how His death was the only sacrifice that would atone me.  I thought about the fact that He knew I would sin and in what ways I would sin.  Then it hit me.  The book I had been reading was written by someone looking for something…justifying their position of needing evidence of His existance in order to believe.  I don’t need evidence.  It’s in my heart.  I FEEL it.  When the emotion of knowing that your savior died for you and for your sin even before you were born hits you, there is no way one can deny the existance of God, or Jesus or the events that happend so long ago.

No, I don’t have answers for my 8 yr old’s questions.  But I can tell her this:  That God loves her.  That Jesus died on the cross for her sins too and that one day, one glorious day, she will be face to face with Him too.


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