Number, please…

My daughter’s birth mother was buried today.  What a brave girl I have.  She delt with all the stress of a funeral with dignity and inner strength that was  years beyond her age.

But bedtime is still a time for little girls to be little girls, and her tears squeezed out dispite rotary_phoneher efforts.  I held her and rocked her as she struggled with questions that I simply cannot answer.  Why had her birth mother gotten cancer?  Why did she have to die?  Why didn’t she get to tell her birth mother that she loved her?

As we talked, I let her know that even though she couldn’t talk to her birth mother any longer, there was a way to tell her anything she wanted to.  I told her that she could ask Jesus to tell her mother all the things she wants her to know, and that Jesus was faithful to deliver those messages as soon as she makes them known.  Through her tears, my brave, brave little girl aske me, “Can I call God?  What is God’s phone number?”

Does anyone have the number?  I have a few questions for Him myself and would love to have a chat with him…


2 thoughts on “Number, please…

  1. tam says:


    my heart is breaking into pieces for mary.

    oh mary…how i wish i could hug you tight right now.

    Gods number is…”Dear God…”

    and He always answers. and He always picks up…our broken pieces.

    i love you lori and mary…

  2. HW says:

    What an amazing little girl you have. My heart breaks for her, but I’m so glad she and you have one another… and that you both have Jesus.

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