Mature Faith

Listening to Joyce Meyer talking about mature faith.  Her point resonates with me.

  • I, as a Christian, have not been given the job of explaining the why and why not’s of God’s decisions. (That’s a relief!)
  • Do I love God only for the things He does for me or for who He is? (I think sometimes that is true.)
  • Can I, as a Christian, continue to love Him even when things don’t go the way I want, or in a way that I understand?  (I think I do)
  • Will I, as a Christian continue to trust Him, knowing that all things will work out for the best? (Hard as it is, I think I do this)
  • Am I offended by God?  And is that offense at God causing me to stumble in my walk? (Wow.  That’s a tough one.  I think sometimes I am offended.)
  • Can I stop being offended at God, and work again to trust Him?  (With His help, yup.  I can do this.)

I have been taught that it’s ok to be angry at God; He is big enough to handle it.  But, to be offended is different.  It’s easy to be offended by Him.  Really, it is.  I see all around me people who are blessed by the the things He has done for them.  And they don’t even know it.  I feel offended when I think about the fact that God KNOWS my hearts desires and yet still, those desires are left unfufilled.  In my offense, I become stuck in my faith journey.  Rather than focus on the things that God has done for me, often I’m looking only at what He hasn’t done.  Today, I’m goning to make an effort to get over it, to stop being a spoiled child and become the mature child that He desires me to be.


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