I spent my morning today learning a little…and I emphasize A LITTLE about early church history and how our denomination came to be.  I learned that there are hefty divisions within the “church” communities, and there still are today.

Not too long ago I wrote about some of these divisions, and how the cracks start even within families.  You can read it here.

Well, I’ve just learned that the family cracks are far deeper than I ever imagined.  It hurts.  It hurts to be offended by what’s said and not feel empowered to defend your beliefs.  It hurts when the laws of civil discussions are ignored when one launches into the what’s and why’s of what they believe and then end the discussion when the rebuttal offends them.

Here’s the thing:  I know what I know.  I know what God has revealed to ME and the work He’s done in ME.  I can’t speak on what I don’t know and won’t attempt to do so.  But I’m hurt that it’s stuff like this that rubs soot on the eggshell and highlights the cracks.  I can live with the cracks.  I can even live with divisions.  But why do they have to be made so clear and so evident that it hurts to look at them?

Lord, thank you for the mind you have given me, and the words You have spoken into my heart.  I know that nothing can separate me from You and your love.  Help me, Jesus, to embrace those who offend me, and love those who hurt me.  Help me to release the offense to You, and to recognize the human nature of my own mind as well as the minds of the ones who offend me.  In Jesus’ name, I pray…Amen.


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