Where is Middle Ground?

I’ve been noticing a trend with our new president.  He likes the term ‘middle ground’ and he likes the concept of it.  Apparently for everything.

He would like to find middle ground as it relates to abortion.  At his recent Notre Dame commencement speech:

“…I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away. Because no matter how much we may want to fudge it — indeed, while we know that the views of most Americans on the subject are complex and even contradictory — … But surely we can do so without reducing those with differing views to caricature.”

He would like to find middle ground as it relates to Guantanamo prisoners.  In a Wall Street Journal report:

“…to whom Mr. Obama offered assurances that he is searching for a sensible middle ground that will keep terror suspects out of circulation while also honoring American values.”

And again, back in January, he was hunting for middle ground as it related to the country’s economic crisis:

In a Wall Street Journal opinion blog headline:  “Obama Seeks Middle Ground With Republicans on Economic Package”

Now, I’m not a politician, and I don’t claim to be one of those arm chair political analysts.  But I’m thinking we need some more pointed, level headed, clearly planned and thought out leadership.  I want a leader with a clear moral compass…

In the mean time, I just wish the leader that we had would just make a decision already on some of these issues.  Maybe it’s too much to ask, but pleasing everyone all the time is just not possible.  I don’t know what the answers are to the many questions he faces, but I can pray that some how he will become the decisive president we need and not continue to be the wishy-washy on the moral issues that are tearing us apart.

Ok.  Off my soap box.


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