Honeymoon? Over??

We have been noticing some changes in our daughter’s behavior in the last couple of months. It’s not bad stuff, most of it’s normal, but it’s different for us and for her. We suspect that the honeymoon is over, and that she is starting to test the boundaries with us to see just how far she can push. It’s ok. I love that she is secure enough with us that she will do that now. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for it! That’s not to say I like it…’cuz I don’t, not one bit! But I knew this day would come, and I know it means that she is secure in her mind about her relationship with us.

What happens when the honeymoon is over for a Christian? I mean, have you ever met someone who is so elated after accepting Jesus and then later it seems like all the wind has been taken out of their sails? Something that so many people fall prey to is the thought, or hope, that Jesus is going to “fix” everything. They think, “Wow! I’ve got God on my side now, I’m bullet-proof!” But…we’re not. And when that reality sets in, and the monotony of day to day life returns, the excitement gives way to sadness. That’s an open door for the enemy.

It’s all about relationship. When you live a life in a relationship with Jesus, things change–you change. But if you let that relationship go, it’s easy to slip back to the way you were before you had Christ in your life. That’s not to say that He is no longer there. He is, and always will be. But now instead of being “with” you, He is waiting for you to return to your relationship with Him.

I think this happens a lot with youth. They get on fire for a while, and then instead of fanning the fire and feeding it, they bask in the warm glow until it’s just embers flickering as the last bit of oxygen is sucked out. And as the embers die, they loose heart.

The relationship isn’t over just because the honeymoon has ended. As we are learning with Mary, it just means that it’s time to buckle in and work on growing it to a new level. With God, it means growing in Him, and becoming more like Him. True love isn’t easy. It takes work. But man is it worth it!


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