Oh for the love of…

Flipping around the channels this morning and fell on TLC’s “A Baby Story”. So I decide to watch. The couple in the show were a month away from their wedding when she became pregnant the first time. A few days before the wedding, there were complications with the pregnancy, and she ended up having “surgery”. No more pregnancy. She became pregnant again, a few months later. Due to their ages, the doctors suggest an amnio. That revealed a under developing heart, the potential for many surgeries and a “lower quality of life”. So they terminated that pregnancy. A few months later, pregnant again. This time, the couple won’t “relax until the baby is born and healthy”.

I don’t get it. Can someone explain this to me? I guess I sort of understand the first one. The second one…makes no sense to me at all. The last statement tells me that this couple was so insistent on a healthy baby that it didn’t matter what they had to do to get that.

These types of “terminations”, along side the ones done for the purpose of birth control, infuriate me. God doesn’t make mistakes. A baby born with a heart defect is never better off never born…no one deserves that distinction.

I’m a little more than upset at the producers of TLC for this episode. In my opinion, it exploits abortion as a means of producing the perfect baby.

I changed the channel. Am I wrong?


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