Say Cheez!

So, I went to a prayer meeting tonight…a gathering of people and pastors from several local churches brought together to pray for each other. My priest gets up to speak. He calls up all the clergy to pray for the pastor of the church we were at. Everyone is quiet and in prayer. Someone (who will remain nameless) tapped me and asked if I had a camera…this is really an important event in the workings of God here…and I said I only had my cell phone. He didn’t care…so I took out the camera, pointed it at the praying (still quiet, mind you) clergy all gathered together, pressed the button and the phone replies with “Say Cheez!” followed by the “shutter sound”. Every one heard it. E V E R Y O N E!!



One thought on “Say Cheez!

  1. grammyflagg says:

    That must have been very embarassing!! (but funny anyway)

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