Beer Summit

42-20815197 We all know people who we just don’t get.  Some we call friends in spite of their actions (or lack thereof), some we like but associate with very little, some we just kind of shake our heads in complete confusion and walk away, and then there are those we just don’t like, or have fallen out of like with.  Those are the situations I’m talking about here:  the people whom were once close, but are now distant.

I had a very good friend for many years.  I’ll call her “Lindsay”. She and I spent so much time together we began to finish each others sentences.  We had similar paths regarding our personal lives.  And similar goals for our futures.  She actually introduced me to my husband and was my matron of honor at our wedding.  We moved on in our lives, somewhat together, but then all of a sudden things changed.  There was a HUGE misunderstanding between her and my husband which led to actions on my part to protect myself and my husband.  Those actions apparently sealed the door shut on any future friendship between me and “Lindsay”.  Now, many years later, I miss the friendship.  I miss the laughter.  I miss the closeness we had. I miss my friend.

I wish that I had the opportunity to have a “beer summit” with her and see if we can straighten things out.  I don’t see that happening.  But it has assured me of one thing:  God puts people in our lives.  Sometimes it’s for a season, and sometimes it’s for a lifetime.  But always for a purpose.  Without her friendship at that time, I would not have met my husband.  (For those who don’t know, we met over the phone from literally opposite coasts.)  Without him, there would be no Mary in my life.

I pray that “Lindsay” somehow comes to know how I really feel.  That I wish beyond wishing that I could share the joy of my daughter as she shared the joy of her son with me.  But more than that, I pray her peace.  I pray that she find the love of Christ as I have found.  Then maybe we can have that beer summit in heaven!


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