God Loves ALL His Creatures

K…so here’s the deal.  Patriot had a lump on his back removed.  Turns out it was cancerous.  It was called a Peripheral Nerve Sheath Sarcoma.  Good news was that they removed it all.  Bad news was that there was another lump on his front leg that was suspicious.  Since it was more complicated due to the location, the vet suggested a consultation with another vet.  The conclusion was that it, along with the giant mass under his other front leg, needed to be removed.  We were sure the giant one was only a fatty tumor, but it was growing and at some point could impede his movement.  The little one on the right leg was more troubling.  It had all the same characteristics of the one he had on his back, and there was a good chance this one was the same type of sarcoma.

We prayed.  We asked others to pray.  They did.  The vet just called.  Both were fatty masses.  There was no evidence to suspect the little lump on his right front leg was anything more than a fatty mass.

I believe that prayer works, do you?




3 thoughts on “God Loves ALL His Creatures

  1. Mom says:

    Oh, thank God it wasn’t malignant. Poor Patriot, he looks like he feels just miserable. Did he ever decide to lie down? Poor baby.

  2. Christi Baird says:

    My weimeraner Bogey has bone cancer in his back left knee; he has been good until now, we will have to put him down very soon. It really hurts but there are dogs in heaven! He has given us so much joy, he will be greatly missed.

    • lori says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your boy! Yes, God really does love all his creatures, here and in heaven. I’m sure that he will be missed, but I know that he’s lucky to have had a home that gave him the love and attention he deserved! Peace be with you!

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