Moral Majority?

President Obama recently spoke to the youth of America, of which I am happily the parent of one of.  Prior to his “talk”, there was quite a bit of conversation in the media about it.  Many Christians felt that this was an indoctrination of some type.  (See the full text HERE)

Ok, so here’s the thing.  As a Christian, I realize that I have a huge responsibility being the mom to a little girl.  She is not mine, she is His.  My job is to make sure she knows that, and Him.  But I also have a responsibility to teach her that He is in control, and that means of everything.

I know that as a Christian, I have an obligation to respect and obey those who are ordained by God to be in leadership positions.  That means I need to submit to the local authority, and teach my daughter to respect the individuals that have been placed in leadership, and afford them the respect they deserve as human beings. But as an American I know that I have a voice, a say, in the process that elects leadership, and I have a right to express my discontent with leadership decisions, policies and practices.  We have, in this blessed country, a way to go about doing that.  Sometimes that means voicing an opinion, or protesting in a civil way. I feel fortunate that I have the right, and the ability, to teach my daughter that she, too, one day will have a voice and an option to exercise it.  But not yet.

You see, she is a child.  She has not the maturity or the life experiences (well, ok, she’s had more than her fair share of that) to be able to form an opinion about government policies.  She needs time to learn about these things.  This is the time that benefits me the most since I get to teach her what I believe to be truth.  I get to talk to her about what is going on in the world, weigh in what the Bible says about those things, and help her to find the truth in all of it.  At the same time, I need to teach her that although I may disagree with leadership decisions, I have an obligation both as a Christian and as an American, to obey and follow through to the best of my ability.

Now, I am not going to knowingly put her in harms way, or in Satan’s path.  But here’s the thing.  Many parents would not allow their children to see/hear the speech that President Obama delivered.  I’m not one of them.  I said nothing to her about it, either before or after.  Honestly, I don’t even know if she saw it.  In Rhode Island, for the most part, the decision to watch or not watch was left up to individual teachers. { Disclaimer:  I’m not happy about that decision as it allows personal preference of the teacher which is biased.  }

I just wonder.  As a Christian, how do I teach my child to respect the leadership of this nation if I so adamantly oppose the delivery of a speech from the nation’s president to school children of the nation that I keep her home from school that day?  What am I teaching her if I do that.  How do I reconcile that level of disrespect against the scriptural mandate to obey local authority and law?  If I don’t teach her to respect those in leadership positions by listening to a speech, how do I discipline her for not listening to her teacher? or her father? or me?

Let me just state for the record that I am a registered Republican, that I did not vote for Barack Obama, I am concerned about this current administration, and I watch closely what is going on.


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