The dreaded vacuum cleaner

I have to vacuum frequently.  I have 3 dogs and a sandy yard for them to play in.  It’s difficult to keep up with it.  Spirit

One of my dogs, Spirit, is really afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  I have never ever terrorized my dogs with it, nor have I ever encouraged them to play with it.  Neither of those things helps to create a stable dog.  I would sometimes vacuum around her crate when she was in it, just so that she had a level of security, but never in a threatening way.  She’s just not comfortable with this big, noisy, smelly, vibrating thing near her.  She will follow me around, at a comfortable distance, always keeping an eye on where it is.  When necessary, she will dart away into another room, or even sometimes be brave enough to leap over the monster or the monster’s tail (the cord) to safety.

I was thinking about this as I was vacuuming a little while ago.  The purpose of the vacuum cleaner is to pick up the dust, dirt and debris that is tracked into our homes.  It leaves the surface clean.  Not sparkling clean, but clean.  Sometimes I think God wants to do that within me.  He wants to just get into my spirit and clean up the dust, dirt and debris that has been tracked in from the world; the internet, the TV, radio–life in general.  Sometimes I run from it.  Sometimes I am just not comfortable with the thought of exposing and then cleaning.  I want to sweep it under the rug, and hopefully forget about it.  I don’t let God put that spiritual vacuum cleaner to work…


3 thoughts on “The dreaded vacuum cleaner

  1. Tnelson says:

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  2. David Conroy says:

    One thing that encourages me in my darkest moments is that man is a trinity: spirit, soul and body. He or she IS a spirit, has a soul (mind, will emotions, intellect) that is housed in a body. The spirit or innermost part of man is always clean because that in the believer is where God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) have tabernacled or made their home. It is my soul or body that needs a good Cdeep clean” but not my spirit. No matter how broken I am if Jesus lives in me there is at least one part of me that is completely clean “without spot or blemish” to use old KJV language. This gives me hope knowing that my sin or uncleanness cannot stand in the presence of God. As the scripture says, “He that is joined together with the Lord is one spirit with Him.” Being one spirit with the Creator means that our spirits are united in incarnational reality. That is why in Christ we are indeed a new creation! The messy rugs and dirty corners or things swept under the rug still need the cleansing of confession and repentance on a daily basis. But if Jesus lives in us at our core (or spirit) we are as HE IS. It’s the rest of us that gets into trouble.

  3. lori says:

    Thanks, Tnelson! I appreciate your kind words!

    Fr. David, thanks for “cleaning that up” for me!! Reading your comment left me a little red in the face…What you say makes perfect sense and…I knew that. I guess what I’m trying to address in this post is that I know God wants me to “clean” through confession and repentance. Because that’s when He can really do the vacuuming…my part is to initiate…and sometimes I am not willing.

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