I heard a great take on “doubting Thomas” the other night.  It’s been on my mind since.

Justin McRoberts was at Lifepath on Sunday.  He gave a great message about Compassion Int. and then he did a show in the evening.  During the show, he told us a story about himself and some friends.  It was at a time when 2 very important people in his life passed away.  He was still learning about Christ, and his friends were aware of this.  They questioned him on how he could still have faith in God after what had happened.  Justin explained to us that as we look at the story of Thomas, there is an interesting fact that is often overlooked.  Thomas needed to see and feel the wounds on Jesus before he would believe that Jesus had in fact risen.  And so Jesus, wounds and all, appeared to Thomas and allowed him to touch and and feel the wounds. doubtingthomas …touch and feel the wounds….of the risen Christ.  The RISEN CHRIST BORE THE SCARS OF THE WOUNDS THAT KILLED HIM.  That’s the part we overlook.  He took the wounds with him.  They were not completely healed.  It was through these scars that Thomas could believe

What does this mean to me?  It means that if I am “wounded”, and who among us isn’t, and I seek healing but don’t receive the healing I desire, it may just be that through MY wounds, MY faith will shine for someone else.  My wounds then become a doorway by which someone who is unbelieving, or doubting, may pass.

“You see the question isn’t are you gonna die, you’re gonna die.  But will you be done living when you do?” Justin McRoberts


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