Not cool, Mr. President, not cool.

obama-ogling-294But, I’m not surprised.  He has proven himself, in my opinion, to be exactly what I thought he was from the beginning;  Just not ready to be president of the United States.  He just doesn’t have what it takes.  Oh and I’m sure his wife was just thrilled to see this little snap.  (No pun intended.)  He’s the president, you’d think he’d be a little more in control of his “natural tendencies” don’t you think?

While the rest of us are left struggling with the current health crisis of H1N1, the health care reform crisis, a war in Afghanistan, a war in Iraq, a housing crisis, a plummeting economy, a sky-rocketing unemployment rate and a host of other things, Mr. Obama is out fund raising for the democratic party in Jacksonville, FL (10/26), rallying support for democratic candidate Creigh Deeds in Norfolk, VA, (10/27) and attending a commemorative tree planting (10/28).

In the mean time, his daughters, ages 8 and 11, got their H1N1 flu shots last week.  We’re still waiting here.  Now, a little background that I’ve learned about this shot.  For kids under 10, it is recommended that a booster is given 21-30 days after the first one.  That’s so their young bodies can work up a whole bunch of antibodies to this horrible virus.  Here in Rhode Island, the shots are being given out through the school clinics.  You can’t get them from your private physician (much like the Obama girls did) because the state wants to ensure that all school aged children have the opportunity to get it.  It’s being done lottery fashion, with a computerized system to randomly place clinic locations on the list.  Fair enough.  Trouble is, the second shot.  It, too, will be done in school clinics, presumably randomly selected as well.  The expectation is that it won’t be available until sometime in January.  Um, that’s about a month too late for my daughter and the other kids at her school.  But, according to the health officials, at least she’ll have one.

So, Mr. President, will your daughters be getting the booster?  And if so, will they be getting it in time?  Or, do you not know because you are off raising money, or rallying up the democrats in a state that’s pretty much turned it’s back on you…

I’m just askin….


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