Just one of those days

You’ve had them.  We all have.  This one is no different.  It started off normal enough, but in not so short order, it turned chaotic and messy.  Literally.  And the day isn’t over yet.  Now, I know that there are a lot worse things out there that could happen to a person in a day, and I’m ever so happy that my day is head and shoulders over one of those days.  But for me, today, I’m just not a happy camper (no pun intended…you’ll understand in a minute)

Last night I went to bed, oh, probably around 8:30ish.  I was extremely tired after our one night overnight with a group of 8-9 yr old Girl Scout Brownies.  It was a blast “camping” at a local Girl Scout camp.  I say “camping” because staying in a heated cabin with running water, showers and flush toilets is NOT camping in my book.  But it is December, and this is New England and the girls are young, so I suppose all in all it was a good choice.  The only rustic part for me was having to sleep on an air mattress on the floor in the main room.  Anyway, the girls didn’t sleep.  At all.  Not all of them anyway.  There were some who were basically up all night.  As for us parents, sleep evaded most of us for one reason or another: the footsteps upstairs of little ones running to the bathroom about every 10 min, someone snoring, one scared girl who had to be picked up in the middle of the night (meaning a phone call from the troop leader home made in the foyer using less than modified voice volume control on the part of the leader), a chill from the outside as the door was opened to let the girls parent in, and then the two of them out again, trying to get comfortable on a stinky new vinyl air mattress.  All this was made a little easier with the glow of a fire in the fire place, and the unmistakable snapping and popping of a real fire.

The next day brought grumpy, tired girls, sluggish moms and troop leaders determined to finish the projects that had been planned.  I’m not sure, but I think the sugar rush from the breakfast of pancakes followed by the sudden crash of said sugar rush contributed monumentally to the behavior of some 20 little girls in the after noon.  None of them were really interested in participating in sewing projects that required some level of concentration that mysteriously seem to escape each and every one of them.  But none the less, they got it done.  No tears were shed, and no feelings were irreparably hurt in the process.  Each girl got a turn on the sewing machine, doing some “needle point” and contributing to creating the letters that will become the troops banner next year.

Trekking to the parking lot through mud, snow and puddles left from the rain and snow the night before was a great deal more than a challenge.  Many a time I heard a yell out from behind to a child up ahead, “GET OUT OF THAT PUDDLE!  YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN EVERYTHING IN THAT BAG!!”  I was proud of my girl, who not only carried all of her own things in and out of the camp, but she steered clear of all the mud puddles on our way to the car.  She had had her fill the night before when we made our trip to the “Long House” for S’mores and songs with some of the other troops camping there with us.  When we returned from that, she was soaked to the knees.  At least she wasn’t wearing new boots as some of the other girls were!

We arrived home early enough, and Mary was quickly sent to the shower.  A squeaky clean girl emerged, but was not interested in a dinner of left over pizza.  Daddy didn’t understand the situation, and his desire to get a good meal into her was only making the matter worse.  Her tired body and mind were beginning to shut down, and through a veil of tears came the request “Can we just have snuggle time?”

This morning came too quickly.  I was awake several times, thanks to 3 mommy starved Weims, and just when I thought I could catch a few more minutes, I was startled awake with “It’s 7:30!!!”  Ugh.

I got lunch made, papers signed, child clad in boots and snow jacket onto the bus in record time.  I sat down for a quiet cup of coffee, and within minutes the smoke detectors went off.  No, there was no fire, just faulty alarms.  We got them. You know, the one that wasn’t factory tested?  Yeah, it’s hanging from the ceiling in our upstairs hallway.  After climbing the stairs 3 times to re-set it (which involves getting on a step stool) I finally broke down and called my husband.  It had been over an hour.  The piercing noise was irritating the dogs who were now pacing around and frantically barking to let me know there was an irritating noise.  Like I didn’t know that already!  By this time, all the stair and step stool climbing was taking it’s toll on my knee.  I was really ready to cry.  So husband comes home from work to get it all straightened out, and lets me know again that my small group from church is meeting here tonight.  Then it dawned on me; Mary has 2 dance classes now on Monday night which means that I am not home until 7:30 ish.  The women were coming for 7.  And the one place where we usually meet….a mess.  So……..

Now I have stuff in my living room that I pulled out from the sunroom.  I have a mess in the kitchen.  I have laundry that is clean but unfolded on the couch in the living room.  And it’s now 2:44 which means in 45 min Mary will be home and I have to somehow get all this picked up, help her with homework, fix her dinner and get her to dance by 5:15.

Yep, it’s been one of those days.


2 thoughts on “Just one of those days

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  2. Mary Holm says:

    I think there’s a proverb or a passage where God says it’s okay that life’s literal messes are acceptable. He throws the ball back into the court of those who are guests in your home and tells them not to judge. Grace be upon you my friend. All is well in His eyes. You’ve accomplished much in these past few days.

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